Jul 162012

MatrixIndia is a growing tablet market and Matrix know this well that is why they are launching new Matrix One ICS  budget friendly tablet,being rumored to enter the market with standard features. The tablet has curvy and slim body. The specifications of this rumored tablet looked impressive that we have some information which we want to share with you.

This ICS based tablet has powered by a Cortex A8 processor,clocked at 1.5GHz. As usual this tablet also has 7-inch captative display with 480×800-inch pixel power. Also they are using some anti-glare technology,enables user to use tablet in bright sunlight. Other specs includes a 512MB RAM,4 GB of storage, again quite apt for a lower range tablet.

The tablet has friendly user interface which makes easy to navigate through applications.There is built in support to watch HD video clips. Also it has built in speaker,not so much powerful but pretty comfortable for normal listening. Also HDMI is here to to connect videos to TV for viewing it in big screens enhancing the display effects. Apart from an USB port, the micro USB supports in connecting updates and syncing. Also with dedicated inbuilt mic,it also has 2 megapixel front camera to enhance video calling experience,but tablet lacks a rear camera as other tablets.

The rumored price of tablet is ₹ 5,000 and it will be shipped next month. New just wait patiently and see whether this dream of budget ICS tablet come true or not.

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