Jul 252011
Samsung Smiley

Samsung introduces the new Samsung Smiley Phone with Proprietary OS,1.3 Megapixel Camera and HD Video Recording and slide out QWERTY Keypad. The Web2goSM technology of Smiley grants you fast acces to Social Networking Service.U Tube videos and GPS Navigation.   Samsung Smiley Price in India : (Not Launched Yet) Samsung Smiley Price in US:$69.99(T Mobile)

Jul 252011
Samsung Eternity II

Samsung introduces the new Samsung Eternity II Phone with Proprietary OS,2 Megapixel Camera and HD Video Recording. Samsung Eternity II comes with Live TV service of AT&T. The Eternity II offers access to tons of widgets  that help you organize your life and keep you entertained.   Samsung Eternity II Price in India : (Not [Read More...]

Jul 232011
Samsung Messager

Samsung introduces the new Samsung Messager Phone with Proprietary OS,1.3 Megapixel Camera,HD Video Recording and full QWERTY keyboard. Samsung Messager is a ECO friendly Device. It comes with xT9 Predictive Text Technology . This amazing technology intuitively predicts the word you want to type so that you only need to press a button once to get [Read More...]